20 March, 2023

27 Sha’ban, 1444 H

"Silence saves you from regret"

- Imam Ali (as) -

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The Five Categories of Islamic Law

Word: Wājib

Meaning: Obligatory  

Word: Fard

Meaning: Quranic obligation 

Word: Mustahab

Meaning: Recommended act 

Word: Mubah

Meaning: Neutral act 

Word: Makruh

Meaning: Disliked act (but not forbidden) 

Word: Haram

Meaning: Forbidden act 

Word: Wajib Kifaya

Meaning: Obligatory on society until a sufficient number of people act on it. 

Word: Wajib Ayn

Meaning: Obligatory on everyone 

Word: Niyya

Meaning: Intention behind a religious act