20 March, 2023

27 Sha’ban, 1444 H

"Silence saves you from regret"

- Imam Ali (as) -

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God’s Existence: The Argument From Being (Wujūd)

Word: Māhiyah

Meaning: Whatness of things, makeup of things 

Word: Wujūd

Meaning: Existence, being 

Word: Contingent being

Meaning: exists dependently, does not exist in and of itself 

Word: Necessary being

Meaning: exists independently, exists in and of itself 

Word: Logical priority

Meaning: Priority in the chain of cause and effect, may be simultaneous or not   

Word: Temporal priority

Meaning: Priority in time 

Word: Infinite regress

Meaning: Going back in the chain of cause-effect ad infinitum   

Word: Logical absurdity

Meaning: Pure impossibility 

Word: Objective

Meaning: A pure fact, it does not depend on human opinion. 

Word: Subjective

Meaning: Depends on human senses, perceptions and opinion. Difficult to know for certain if it is 100% true.