25 February, 2024

15 Sha’ban, 1445 H

"Silence saves you from regret"

- Imam Ali (as) -

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Jihād in Islamic Law and Spirituality

Word: Nafs al-Mut’mainnah

Meaning: The self which has attained peace and tranquility, and does not need to struggle as much against desires as they have been pacified. 

Word: Nafs al-Lawwāma

Meaning: The self which struggles against immorality and evil

Word: Nafs al-Ammāra

Meaning: The ego or self that commands to evil

Word: Jihad al-Asghar

Meaning: Minor or Lesser Jihad, struggle and self-defense against hostile powers

Word: Jihad al-Akbar

Meaning: Greater Jihad, struggle against the evil self

Word: Jihad

Meaning: Struggle against Evil