04 February, 2023

13 Rajab, 1444 H

"Silence saves you from regret"

- Imam Ali (as) -

How to Learn & Use the Site

How to Learn & Use the Site

Posted on 01st February 2018

The Muslim Converts Channel is a simple to use site. Its curriculum is divided into two parts, the core curriculum and the special topics  curriculum. In the core curriculum, you will see a basic overview of the core principles and teachings of Islam. In the special curriculum, you will find miscellenous topics that have to do with history, law and issues relating to modern Muslims today.

To help you study and remember Islamic terms, our site also has flash cards with keywords and questions along with their answers. 

The website also has social forum where you can submit questions to a Muslim scholar in an interactive way. 

To learn more about using this site, please click on our instructional video above.